Never-Ending Backlog: Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends Box Art

Mega Man Legends is the series first foray into the 3D space. The title came out in a fascinating time as many developers were trying to get their bearings in a 3D world. Mega Man Legends fails in some areas, but also impresses with its ambitious design and variety of gameplay elements that go well beyond what the series’ past formula.

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Never-Ending Backlog: Phantasy Star Portable

Did you hate Phantasy Star Universe at launch? You may want to give Phantasy Star Portable a try! This 2009 PSP release from SEGA takes many of Phantasy Star Universe’s online improvements and puts them on a retail disc for you to enjoy. However, the title only supports local wireless – so don’t expect to play alongside friends from around the world.

With the PC and PS2 servers down, and the Xbox 360 servers soon shutting down as well, Phantasy Star Portable will soon be the most up-to-date version of Phantasy Star Universe in its original form that you’ll be able to play.

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Presenting – Frontier Gate

Oh, man. Look at that quality screenshot there. Yeah, I don’t have S-video cables for my PSP. For shame.

I was stress testing my capture card at the time, so I thought while I did so I’d talk about a Japanese demo for Frontier Gate. It’s a PSP Monster Hunter-ish JRPG from Tri-Ace and Konami. And while the game looks like a full on Monster Hunter rip-off at first, in actuality it’s quite different thanks to the turn-based battle system.  This is also an attempt on my part to talk about a game without a script and while playing it  at the same time. So the video is a bit messy. It works though. I got my testing done with this and Anarchy Reigns.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Fans of the Losers are the Winners

The console wars have existed almost as long as gaming itself. While the last couple generations have seen smaller diversity between platforms, thanks to multi-platform third party support, there are still diehard fans out there that stick by a console manufacture no matter what. In extreme cases, they’ll heavily defend their platform and become completely blind to criticisms towards their platform and rejoice when their company stands on top of the others. When their favorite platform is on top, what does the loyalist gain?

 You can check out the full article on VGChartz’ gamrFeed!

One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 2

Weeks later, another One Controller Port podcast! Again, you can join me as I talk not only about some minor European hardware revisions, but about the rumored Nintendo 3DS hardware revisions as well. Plus, after being gone for so long, I trudge through all the games I’ve tackled over the past couple of weeks.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – What Does Transfarring Mean for Gaming?

E3 doesn’t really kick off until Monday, but Konami has already shot us a few announcements, including a few HD collections. While they didn’t unveil any big new content, Hideo Kojima revealed his plans for a concept called “Transfarring.” And while playing home console experiences on the go sounds great, it may be more complicated than that.

You can find out why over on VGChartz’s gamrFeed.