Battling the Inevitability of Nostalgia

Castlelania cut

I’ve feared nostalgia for years. Recommending or highlighting something simply because I enjoyed it as a kid feels irresponsible. I usually want to talk about a game’s current day relevance. Yet as I frowned upon analyzing with rose-tinted glasses, I had a lingering sense of doubt. It seems like a silly question ask, but I started to wonder if I was being influenced by nostalgia when choosing what to play.

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TSG – Turn Back the Clock on Zelda’s Overworlds

While I haven’t gotten around to writing anything specific to Skyward Sword yet, I have put together this piece on the Zelda series as a whole. Actually, the article started as me criticizing Skyward Sword’s overworld, but it opened up into the topic of overworlds on a franchise level.

You can check out the article on TheSpeedGamers!
(Or you can just look at a stupid picture I drew.)

Your Favorite Video Game Intros Ruined: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time’s intro is a classic. After waiting years for the release, gamer’s first experience with the title was this wonderful intro. How do you celebrate this? Ruin it! Listen to my beautiful voice as I tear through your speakers delivering ear bleeding audio for your enjoyment.

You can hear all the fun goodness at TheSpeedGamers.