ZombiU: A Rare Victory for the Wii U GamePad and Survival Horror

Zombi U

The Wii U GamePad’s intended purpose, as a second screen experience for console gaming, is a failure. Aside from a few examples, Nintendo has largely floundered to find much of a reason to use the device. Because of this, I was drawn to ZombiU, a third party Wii U release that makes full use of the controller. However, I was cautiously optimistic.

Initially, I expected a more modern survival horror experience that empowers the player with a large arsenal of weapons. The genre’s evolution in this direction is something I’ve always disliked, although it did produce many enjoyable third person shooters. Surprisingly, I found ZombiU hearkens back to more traditional entries in the survival horror genre.

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One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 7 – E3 Part 2 Disappointmagadden

E3 is compeltely wrapped up, so I take a step back and give my full impression of each confrence. All that fun stuff.

Next time around I’ll finally be going back to a short form podcast, so no more worries about these 30 – 40 minute shows for E3.

You can find the episode after the jump.

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TSG Game Review – Cubic Ninja

Nintendo 3DS has proven to be a fine system in terms of possibilites. But what about actually delivering on that promise? So far, it’s been weak, with the only quality titles really being ports and remakes. So it is refreshing to see Cubic Ninja, an original title for  Nintendo 3DS. Is this the title we’ve all been waiting for, or it just another title to glance over?

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TSG Video Review – No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Aha! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a video review, but now my voice is back! The prey of my voice? The Wii exclusive No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Published by Ubisoft, this title is the follow up to the 2008 Wii classic No More Heores. And while No More Heroes 2 improves on many aspects of the original, it falls a bit short. Why?

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Wut U Talkin Bout? XIII

Originally Posted on TheSpeedGamers

Wut U Talkin Bout is a quick look at overlooked titles in gaming history, or an overlooked entry in a franchise.

No, not Final Fantasy XIII. XIII, a 2003 first person shooter published by Ubisoft. The title has a Bourne Identity style plotline about a former special agent who gets amnesia after a failed mission. Despite being a mature title, XIII uses a cel-shaded art style which was very different when compared to the more common realistic first person shooters. Through this, Ubisoft made a comic book style shooter that, even seven years later, still remains an interesting and unique experience.

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