The Dead Joy-Con Dream

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Around August last year, I bought a Switch. That’s far from a surprise. I’ve focused on Nintendo platforms my entire life and know there will be a at least a handful of titles I’ll want at some point. However, there was one particular draw that I was excited for – the Joy-Cons themselves.

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One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 29: XenoEverything

This week talk about my time with Valkyria Revolution, the forever changing art style of the Xeno series and another Monolith Soft property.

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Onslaught Review


I’ve started panicking about the future of WiiWare’s availability, so I’m turning around and purchasing WiiWare titles I’ve been dragging my feet on. Onslaught, a first person shooter on WiiWare, was one of these. Despite being an early title for the service and having to work with significant size limitations, the developers Shade, Inc. surprisingly squeezed in a decent experience.

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Losing the Future of Retro Downloadable Gaming Starting with WiiWare

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Recently Nintendo’s Wi-Fi functionality across their Wii and Nintendo DS platforms were shutdown. In-game online services and downloadable content are no longer available. Thanks to Nintendo half ignoring online gaming over the last generation, the Wii and DS had the least to lose. The Wii’s and DS’s online experiences were passable at best and few titles embraced DLC. It’s sad to see the online functionality and additional content disappear, but what terrifies me the most is what the future holds for the Wii’s online store, WiiWare.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Should Avatars and Miis Become Something More?

System wide avatars have become almost a platform standard this generation. Nintendo, who started the whole buzz, has their Miis, Microsoft their Avatars, and, to a much lesser extent, Sony and their PlayStation Home avatars. In Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s case, these characters not only represent system or account data but, on occasion, also appear in games like Mario Kart Wii, Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing and even some more traditional sports titles like both the NHL2k and Pro Evolution Soccer series on the Wii. But where they really get their time to shine in titles under the Wii and Kinect branding.

You can check out the full article on VGChart’s gamrFeed.

Punch-Out!! Review

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     After it’s disappearance for over 10 years the Punch-Out Franchise has finally returned. While many were overjoyed by the return of a old franchise many asked how much would change and could a game like punch out provide enough depth and game play to make it worth the full $50 value? While Nintendo promised that there would be enough content to justify your purchase, you can’t really trust the word of the one who’s trying to sell the game. Should Nintendo have left this franchise out of the ring, or can Punch-Out justify its place in the ring.
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Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Import Preview

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom is the latest in the vs. line of games. For a long time it had very little chance of being released outside of japan due to licensing issues and the fact that Tatsunoko’s characters aren’t very popular outside of Japan. Americans and Europeans are finally getting their hands on Tatsunoko vs Capcom later this year. We must thank Capcom for putting so much work into getting this game overseas, After going throguh what was basically licensing hell. Some how Capcom was able to get all the characters except one over into the North American and European version of the title. The question is, was it worth all the effort, or were fans just clamoring for the fact that we didn’t receive the title?
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