One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 47 – The Most Timely WiiWare and Virtual Console Podcast

This week I discuss some random recent gaming bits as well as my pick ups for WiiWare and Virtual Console.

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One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 45: Cut Content, Dead Storefronts and Eating Gods

This week I report on my progress with the TCRF page for Final Fantasy XI, PUBG’s removed weather effects, the death of the Wii Shop Channel and, finally, some God Eater 3.

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Onslaught Review


I’ve started panicking about the future of WiiWare’s availability, so I’m turning around and purchasing WiiWare titles I’ve been dragging my feet on. Onslaught, a first person shooter on WiiWare, was one of these. Despite being an early title for the service and having to work with significant size limitations, the developers Shade, Inc. surprisingly squeezed in a decent experience.

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Losing the Future of Retro Downloadable Gaming Starting with WiiWare

WiiWare header

Recently Nintendo’s Wi-Fi functionality across their Wii and Nintendo DS platforms were shutdown. In-game online services and downloadable content are no longer available. Thanks to Nintendo half ignoring online gaming over the last generation, the Wii and DS had the least to lose. The Wii’s and DS’s online experiences were passable at best and few titles embraced DLC. It’s sad to see the online functionality and additional content disappear, but what terrifies me the most is what the future holds for the Wii’s online store, WiiWare.

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VGChartz gamrFeed – Nintendo’s Other Unlocalized Wii Titles

I love me some unlocalized Wii games. Well… Not the fact that they were unlocalized. More of the fact that these are the titles that Nintendo decided were too risky to bring to western markets. Generally, these off-beat Nintendo titles are the ones I’m most excited for.  I know I am alone, in most cases at least. Recently Operation Rainfall brought a lot of attention to three big Nintendo Wii titles that will be heading to Europe,  and Disaster Day of Crisis and Another Code R are both fairly well known.

Join me over on VGChartz’ gamrFeed as I look at the other unlocalized Nintendo published Wii titles that you may not be aware of.