Classic Pokemon Intro Ruined

You like Pokeymanz? I kind of do… Not really. Haven’t played one since Red and Blue. But I’m not here to talk about Pokemon; I’m here to sing about Pokemon!

Join a ferocious adventure of singing and dancing recorded in audio form to match the video of the Classic Pokemanz. But there is a goal to this singing: Informing you that on March 11th you should tune into TheSpeedGamers for their Classic Pokemon Marathon! They’ll be catching 251 Pokemon across Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold all to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Charity.

Check out this beautiful opera on TheSpeedGamers!

TSGWritecast – Episode 2

TSG Writecast is a terrible name, but it’s apparently what we’re going with. A little late on this one, but the second episode is up! I honestly don’t talk much thanks to 50% of the podcast being about movies. Outside of Teenwolf, Fist of the North Star, Shenmue the Movie, and The Wizard, I know nothing of movies. I’m a vidya game journalist, not  a movie critic. I ended up muting my microphone and playing Space Harrier, horrah!

Check out some movie talk over on TheSpeedGamers!

TSGWritercast Podcast – Episode 1

Oh, podcasts. You’re everywhere now aren’t you? Like on TheSpeedGamers! Take a trip into podcast lane as your ears are filled with the vibrations of my voice, alongside fellow TSGWriters Cosmoid and PhantoMarauder. We talk the latest in gaming news, what we’re playing, and about my time with Atlus and Radiant Historia.

So, join us over on TheSpeedGamers!

Oh. By the way, I got a headset.

CGR Game Review – Fist of the North Star for the NES

Fist of the North Star is awesome. Fist of the North Star on the NES… not so much. While the NES was probably capable of handling a Fist of the North Star title, this entry is just simply awful. It has few merits and plenty of technical issues and bad design choices. It feels like a cash-in, and it probably was.

Find out how awful it is in my review of the title on ClassicGameRoom!

TSG Game Preview – Radiant Historia

In a sea of RPGs on the Nintendo DS, it is hard to get noticed. But Atlus’ upcoming Radiant Historia is proving to be a title that might stick out of the crowd. I recently got an invite to tune in to an online press demonstration that showed some of the more impressive features of the title. Mainly the unique battle system and the the main character’s time traveling abilities.

You can read up on these features over at TheSpeedGamers!

Thanks again to Atlus for the invite!

TSG Game Review – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

If there’s one thing that this industry needs more of nowadays, it is new IPs. With all the sequels flooding the market, it is difficult to pry open more space  for names with no track records.  Capcom and the Ace Attorney team took a risk though, with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for the Nintendo DS! Does this title stand up with the Ace Attorney team’s previous work? Or did they create an entirely new beast?

Find out in my review on TheSpeedGamers!

TSG Vlog – Can NGP Compete Against 3DS?

With the announcement of the NGP, it looks like the NGP and the 3DS will be at each others throats at launch, just like their siblings were. But will the outcome be the same? Will the NGP fade off as the 3DS climbs the ladder of success? Or will a new challenger even the odds in this battle?

You can hear me speak words about it over on TheSpeedGamers!