One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 56: Moving Way too Fast Through E3

This week is all E3 2018 press conferences. Buckle in, as I talk about my highlights from each major press conference.

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One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 17: GameStop PepsiCo

This week I talk about way too many games that I played at GameStop Expo. I won’t bother tagging it all.

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Dishonored Mini-Review


I don’t have much to say about Dishonored. Part of that is due to it being almost three months old now, and partly because, despite being a new I.P., there’s not much really going on with the title. Dishonored is your typical stealth action adventure game, and it forces that significantly early on, which can be an issue if that’s not an enjoyable play style for you. However, thanks to having a variety of powers that are geared towards different styles of play, your character’s stats and abilities start opening up after the first few hours.

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