One Controller Port Podcast – Episode 57: E3 Leftovers

This week I talk about some left over E3 2018 content that I wanted to talk about as well as some Scum of the Brave

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One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 7 – E3 Part 2 Disappointmagadden

E3 is compeltely wrapped up, so I take a step back and give my full impression of each confrence. All that fun stuff.

Next time around I’ll finally be going back to a short form podcast, so no more worries about these 30 – 40 minute shows for E3.

You can find the episode after the jump.

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TSG Staff Picks of Last Generation: Xbox

Microsoft’s original Xbox wasn’t exactly very popular, with the exception of its extremely successful online service. Software-wise,  Microsoft’s Xbox is known best for the Halo franchise, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any other titles worth playing on this coffee table of a console.  While I haven’t put much time into the platform myself, there seems to be quite a few hidden gems out there on the platform for bargain prices.

You can check out my picks and the rest of the staff’s picks over on TheSpeedGamers!

VGChartz gamrFeed – Are Hardcore Kinect Titles Doomed to Be Average?

The E3 press conferences are over. It is generally agreed that Microsoft kind of ended on a sour note, giving us hardcore fans little beyond Gears of War 3, Halo Anniversary and Forza 4 to look forward to this year. But they also had Kinect titles aimed at core audience. Looking at trailers and gameplay demonstrations for each, they gameplay-style in each seemed a little familiar. It reminded me of bridge titles, which the Wii had seen plenty of before. And while these types of titles can definitely be fun, will they ever rise to anything beyond that?

Check out the article over on VGChartz’s gamrFeed.